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In this new publication on REDI, we talk to you about Helveticore.capital, another company involved in online scams. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Helveticore.capital?

This supposed company claims to be a company that helps everyone, regardless of their knowledge of financial markets, to invest. They encourage anyone to trust their judgment as advisors in both the stock and cryptocurrency worlds. On their website, they promise to be an innovative, reliable, and transparent company in the market, but the reality is that all of this is false.

The apparent transparency with which they identify themselves fades away when reading reviews from some victims of these scams on platforms like Trustpilot, a website specialized in opinions about other websites. In all these reviews, we find a common pattern: once you deposit your money into their hands, you never see it again.

Testimonials from victims

In this post, we bring you two cases of victims of this scam. The first victim shared her experience on Trustpilot. The website seemed very professional to her, and she opened an account where she deposited $250. Later, a supposed manager persuaded her to invest a minimum of $10,000, promising her great profits. The $10,000 grew, and the manager tried to convince her to invest more money, citing the profits from the first investment. When she refused, the manager informed her that he could no longer manage because there was a small amount of money. When the victim tried to withdraw her money, she realized that she would never recover it.

A very close scam

This second testimony is from a colleague of our company who, without thinking twice, was scammed out of €3,000 that he believed he was investing in cryptocurrencies.

Helveticore.capital estafasHelveticore.capital estafas

We can see that the beneficiary of this transfer is not Helveticore, but rather a company that, according to Google, is located in Warsaw, Poland. This is already very suspicious.

Helveticore.capital estafasLater, the person in charge of the account, someone named Juan García (juan.garcía@helveticore.capital), insisted on continuing to invest money, boasting about the great benefits they were obtaining:

Helveticore.capital estafas

When our colleagues tried to withdraw the money, Juan García disappeared, and someone named Santiago López (slopez@helveticore.capital) took over the account. In a very rude manner, he made a withdrawal request that never happened and blocked the accounts.

Helveticore.capital estafas

Currently, no one answers calls or emails to support@helveticore.capital, and all they have done is ask for more money to unlock the account.

Coincidences in scams

At this point, we can see how the modus operandi of the two scams is practically identical. The procedure is simple: you open an account, they insist that you deposit more money, and when you want to withdraw profits, they disappear at the drop of a hat.

Can I avoid these scams?

Next, we will offer you some recommendations to avoid falling for this type of scam:

  1. Take into account the opinions of portals such as Google reviews or Trustpilot. Although we must warn that there are also many manipulated opinions by scammers to appear as a legal company.
  2. Investigate who makes up the company. A reputable company with nothing to hide will list the names of its employees on the website.
  3. Websites like Even Insight can provide data on the security of these companies and have a directory of fraudulent websites.
  4. That they have a good «contact» section with real phone numbers, emails, and addresses to contact.
  5. This article explains why investment websites like these are very dangerous for users because they do not belong to any regulatory body.

Contact the police

If you believe you may have been a victim of such a crime online, go to the authorities and tell them your case so they can guide you on the legal procedures to follow. Don’t forget to share this information to prevent more people from being affected by these vile scams.


In recent days, we have discovered that this entire scam goes much further than we thought, and they have tried to scam our colleagues by practicing what is known as «catfishing,» impersonation of identity on the internet.

Since our colleagues were scammed, they have received messages, calls, and emails from supposed companies that can help them recover the money they have been robbed of, but… how do these people know what has happened? In this screenshot, we see how, without prior notice, someone contacts us on WhatsApp knowing all the details of our case:

Helveticore.capital estafas

The only answer is that they are all related. The first scammers steal your money and pass your data to others who will convince you that they can help you recover the money when, in reality, they are part of the same network of scammers. These latter individuals claim that if you make an upfront payment, they will recover your money.

They have even posed as John Hingston, director of Independent Financial Planning, a company in the financial sector that is regulated by the FCA. With this catfish, they try to make you fall into their networks through a figure with credibility in the sector.

Helveticore.capital estafas

Other scammers may also appear claiming they have recovered your money, when in reality, they want to steal your credit card information. This is an email we recently received:


The Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores (CNMV) has issued a warning about four unauthorized entities conducting investment services because they are not registered. Among these entities is Helveticore.capital. The other three are:

  • Oxfx Investment (oxfxinvestment.live)
  • Amacap (amacap.eu)
  • Eternal Finance (eternalfinance.co)

Additionally, they have provided a phone number (900 373 362) to inquire about entities and verify their registration status. They also encourage reporting entities that may be involved in fraud through their consultation forms or their infringement communication channel.

We repeat, be very careful with all these things and be suspicious if your data has fallen into the wrong hands because you are in the sights of scammers.

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